Why do I need to fade my tattoo for a cover up?

Imagine being able to get something you have always wanted… Your DREAM TATTOO!
Well fading your unwanted tattoo is the first step.

Using laser tattoo removal to fade your old tattoo frees up your choices and gives you a wider range of choices for colour, design, size and density for your future tattoo design. It is in many cases best to start again with the cleanest canvas possible and therefore fading an unwanted tattoo ready for a cover up is the preferred choice for most tattoo artists. Remember, laser tattoo removal isn’t only for regretful tattoos! It can be used to lighten up part of a tattoo prior to adding more detail or colours, even just a touch up.

Laser may cost you a little more and it will take a little longer to get your tattoo but it will open up so many more doors for you design-wise. If you’re compromising on design and getting a tattoo you don’t REALLY love over something you already hate, you may never be happy with the cover up outcome. Always start with the end in mind!

Many artists recommend laser before starting a cover up as they too want to give their clients the best possible tattoo without compromising their own quality of work. Of course there are some cases where cover ups are achievable without laser but we always recommend having an in depth discussion with the artist of choice about what it is you are wanting to cover with. From here they will be able to advise the best course of action. It is so important to do your research at this point and find an artist suited to the style you are after.  – We are always here to help with this if you get stuck as we have a wide industry knowledge of which artists in SA are suited to certain styles of tattooing. Don’t hesitate to ask at any time!

At LaserTat we love seeing our clients achieve the tattoo they have always dreamt of. We try our absolute hardest to make something you thought was impossible, POSSIBLE!
To do this we continually research the newest techniques in all aspects of laser tattoo removal and aftercare. This allows us to be focused and strive for the best possible service & results for our clients.

To see examples of our clients cover ups, head over to www.lasertat.com.au or look in our Facebook photo album. We are very proud of our results!

If you’d like to come in and discuss your options further, feel free to contact us through our consult request form on our website or 0421132734.