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Established in 2012, LaserTat is the number 1 provider of choice for Tattoo Removal & Fading in Adelaide. We work with the tattoo industry to provide clients and their Tattoo Artists effective fading and removal solutions for their cover up needs - which ultimately allows much more flexibility with a new cover up tattoo design that you will love forever.

Amanda Mckinnon and assistant Zoe Winter, are our experienced tattoo experts and highly accredited laser technicians. We use the worlds most advanced medical laser technology teamed with our cooling machine which provides our clients with a higher level of comfort during and after treatments.

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“Good service, great pricing and brilliant results in a short time”
- Kyle Hewitt

we are the tattoo experts!

Experience is everything! We have been helping clients remove unwanted tattoos since 2012 using our very successful techniques and strategies. Our head laser technician and founder, Amanda has a huge advantage as she is actually married to a Tattoo Artist - (yep, he puts them on and she takes them off!). This allows Amanda to use her industry knowledge to determine each tattoo's depth in the skin, type of ink used and techniques used when tattooed. Knowing and assessing these factors allows us to tailor your treatments, ultimately resulting in faster treatment results.

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Amanda’s an awesome lady who does professional tattoo removal,
has affordable prices and amazing results. Felt really comfortable around her.
- Kevin Peach