How to feel CONFIDENT going into your next laser session

We get a lot of clients feeling really anxious about the thought of a laser tattoo removal session and we totally understand - it’s not the easiest of things to get done!
BUT… we are about to let you in on some really useful tips you can do before, during and after your appointment and also some helpful information to keep in mind that will leave you feeling extra confident and ready for your next laser treatment.


Before your laser appointment:

Eat and drink before hand
It doesn’t have to be a full meal or a full 600ml, just a snack & some sips of water before your appointment. It will make your treatment a lot easier. If this tip slips your mind we have lollies, biscuits, bottled water & soft drink available for you to treat yourself with.

Numb it!
There are certainly some spots that are more painful than others.
Numbing cream is available from your local pharmacy but will need to be applied 2 hours prior to your appointment. Come in with it on and we can clean it all up for you beforehand.

Book in early and get it out the way
Ever thought about an appointment first thing in the morning?
By doing it early in the day, it is all over and done with so you can get on with your day.
You could even treat yourself with lunch or a coffee afterwards. You deserve it!

Come in feeling fresh
Make sure you’ve had a good night sleep and have been looking after yourself.
For the ladies – make sure it’s not ‘that time of month’ as you can be extra sensitive.

Do your research
Head over to our website! It has loads of before and afters, helpful videos on how laser works, FAQ’s and more. Sometimes the more you know what to expect the better you will feel.

We even have our own YouTube channel where you can watch plenty of our laser videos in real time!


During your laser appointment:

Take breaks if you need
This is YOUR appointment so we go at YOUR pace!
Some clients like to get it out the way all in one go and some clients like to have multiple breathers in between. We are all about making it as comfortable for you as possible so don’t hesitate to tell us what you prefer.

Bring in your headphones, zone out and listen to your favourite track..
The treatment will probably be over by the time you get to the chorus but hey if it keeps you distracted we are all for it :D

Treat yourself
Grab a lolly or chewing gum on your way in, if you’re a clencher we also have stress balls which you can squeeze the life out of.


After your laser appointment:

Follow your aftercare instructions
We always run through exactly how to care for your freshly lasered tattoo and also provide it in written form for you to take home. It’s super important to follow these guidelines to ensure a speedy healing time. We are always available for any questions during this time and encourage clients to keep us updated on the progress. Trust us.. we get as excited as you do to see your tattoo fade away! – some may say we are a little obsessed with what we do!

Follow up SMS
The week following your very first treatment we like to check up on you to make sure you are doing just fine and the tattoo is healing well. Also gives you another opportunity to check in and ask any questions you may have.


Things to know:

The best thing to keep in mind is most people do leave feeling so much better at the end of a session. A lot of people talk it up to be such a bad experience but by following these simple tips it can actually be a lot easier than you think.

Once it is all over you don’t have to see us again for 6-8 weeks (longer if you want!)

The treatments are always super quick. Usually over within minutes. You can watch any of our online videos to check out just how fast the treatments are.

All of us at LaserTat have had laser before and know exactly what you are feeling.
Chat to us, talk it through if you want.
We are always here for you!