Hear what our clients have to say:


Client - Jarred Waye - Complete removal 

'Huge thanks to Amanda Mckinnon for finally getting complete tattoo removal off my neck words cant describe what you have done for me its been a long journey but we got there its been life changing thankyou very much. Amazing job with very little pigmentation if any on a complete tattoo removal on my neck cant thank her enough highly recommend 5 stars all the way. '
- Jarrad Waye


Client - John Marsh - Complete removal 

Hi Amanda. After a 2 year wait I've finally got around to sending you my pic of my arm after your treatment to remove my ugly tat. As you said it has continued to fade and is now almost gone. Very pleased with the result, thank you.
- John Marsh.

IMG-6651 (1).JPG

Client - Jade bown - laser fading for a cover up

Amanda at LaserTat I can’t thank you enough for helping me fade my tattoo. Thank you for always putting up with my whinging at every laser session. Although every sit sucked, you 100% made it a good time and somehow I was laughing by the end of it. None of this would've been possible without you, I already feel so much better about myself and I actually can't wait to show it off in a bikini this year! 
- Jade Bown


Client - Nicky Goddard - Laser Fading for a coverup 

Hi Amanda, just wanted to say a huge thankyou for the removal work you had done for me a while back and show you the finished result of the coverup I was able to finally get thanks to your services . could not have achieved this without your help and highly recommend you to everyone. Thankyou again!
- Nicky Goddard


Client - Dane Cowan - Laser Fading for a coverup 

I had multiple laser treatments from Lasertatt a few years ago to help fade some brightly coloured tattoos on my inner and outer bicep. Amanda was very professional and gave great treatment and advise throughout the whole process. Even hard to remove colours faded great over time and I have recently completed a full sleeve cover up. You wouldn't even know the previous tattoos were there unless I pointed it out. I have recommended Lasertatt to anyone who as asked me about tattoo removal. Thanks for your help Amanda
- Dane Cowan

Client - Rachel Dowd - Complete removal 

Highly recommended! The best place for tattoo removal. I came to Amanda over a year ago; with the absolute "perfectionist", basically impossible expectation of having FULL tattoo removal of a difficult piece.
I have had multiple sessions and received clear communication with Amanda throughout - she explained the full process, gave me instruction and recommendations and has been honest, reassured and made me feel comfortable the whole time.
My tattoo is currently 99.99% gone and I am so happy! One more session and I'll only remember I had the tattoo because of photos.. Or my Grandma lecturing me that she knew I'd regret it, haha. - Rachel Dowd

Client - Nina Skalonja - complete removal 

“I have had 4 sessions from another laser tattoo removal place, not only did they charge a lot more for the service but after 4 sessions my tattoo wasn't lighter at all. So far I've had one session with LaserTat and my tattoo is visibly lighter. She is such a lovely person, kind and friendly. I would recommend her services to everyone in the future.”
-Nina Skalonja