Why now is the best time to start laser!

Now the weather is finally cooling down (hooray! – I’m sure you’ll hear me complain it’s too cold soon) there is no better time to start your laser tattoo removal journey.

In our experience it is much more comfortable & easier for our clients to manage the healing process when the weather is cooler.

Why you ask? Here are 4 key reasons!

1.       The treated area has to be protected from direct sun exposure, spas, baths, pool water, river & salt water as much as possible until the area is healed. As you can imagine, this is much easier to do in the winter months because usually the area is already covered by clothing and there is much less sun exposure and swimming going on.

2.       We also like to treat as much as possible on your natural skin tone to avoid seeing any hypo or hyperpigmentation (darkening or lightening of the skin) which can occur if the area is heavily tanned or in the sun after treatments. We do have some clients that like to take a few months off to enjoy the sunshine and recommence laser when it cools down for this exact reason.

3.       After laser tattoo removal the area will generally feel like a sunburn. This is much easier to manage in the cooler months when we aren’t already sun bitten, hot & sweaty. This summer has been a long one and I know all our current clients are looking forward to treating on those cooler days!

4.       If we start NOW it means in some cases your tattoo will be faded and ready for your brand new cover up tattoo to be shown off by the time Summer rolls around again
- OR if aiming for complete removal it also gives you a great head start if we commence in Winter. Your unwanted tattoo will be considerably less noticeable & faded before you start peeling back those layers of clothing when it warms up again.

And finally, if this information doesn’t give you the push you need then how about $20 off of your first treatment? - Simply mention this blog when you come in for your discount to be applied.

Alright, I think we have given you enough reasons why Winter is the perfect time to be lasering. We’d love to help you on your journey to getting rid of an unwanted tattoo. It’s what we are passionate about and we care.

If you would like to know more or to schedule in a free consultation you can contact us at info@lasertat.com.au or head over to www.lasertat.com.au & fill in a consult form.

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Catch you all soon J