5 Tips for choosing the RIGHT Tattoo Artist

1)       Find your style

This might be a no brainer for some & for others this may be a huge task. Knowing what style you want is key when picking out the artist who is creating your next work of art. The best way to do this is jump online and do your research on all of the different styles, colours and layouts. Make a shortlist of reference images you like.

2)      Find your artist

These days the majority of tattoo artists will specialize in their own style and really thrive at this. You want to make sure the artist you choose is the right fit for the style of tattoo you are after.
The best way is to check out the photos & reviews on their Instagram, Facebook & on their websites. Once you have found one you are happy with make contact by sending through an email, a message on social media or even filling in a contact form on their website.

3)      Have a consultation

Part of getting a tattoo is the experience of getting a tattoo. You must feel comfortable & confident with the artist that you have chosen. Remember your tattoo artist is the specialist & they know what's best as far as placement and details of design. It's good to take on all advice given to you in your consultation but also have input into the design of your tattoo. It should be a collaboration throughout the whole process.

4)      Take your time

Stop, breathe and take as long as you need to make any changes. Make sure you are 100%.
It is always best to take your time to think about these things. Remember it is on your skin. It is also important to wait for your specific artist. If they are booked out in advance, this is for a good reason. Great things take time!

5)      Still having doubts?

Are you still not sure? Having your doubts? Then maybe it is best to wait until you are certain this is exactly what you want & by who you want.
Ask around, get referrals from friends and family.

And always remember that we are here to help!
We have been in the tattoo industry for a very long time and have a long list of great artists to refer to all across SA and even Australia. These artists are proven in their own styles of work and also ones we know have great customer service skills - so you’ll be in the best hands.

Good luck!

Don't forget to ask if you need help, 

Amanda Mckinnon